Everything we do as humans usually  has a major target and minor ones. If you ever travelled a very long journey by a bus, you would probably appreciate this. In moving from Town A to Town B, you would have to stop somewhere for food, take a nap along the line, empty your bowels and more. All these activities are secondary. That means they only help you accomplish your primary goal of journeying from A to B.

Now, let this thought-provoking question massage your mind for a minute: if there was one reason why you were born, what would it be? In a different set of words, what is the primary reason for which God sent you to earth? Think about that for a moment. In fact, if you ever find this answer, then you are one step up towards living longer.

Everybody hopes for a long life but do we really know what it means to have one? There are two ways to determine how long someone has lived. First is by their age and the other is by the produce of their years. It works even in the animal kingdom. The ages of different species of animals are estimated by how parts of their bodies look, feel, or weigh. That is because of a relation between their age and what they do with those body parts.

Similarly, there is also a direct correlation between how long we humans spend on earth and what we do with our lives. Therefore, one way to predict someone’s age is by how much the person has used up his potentials. 

If your purpose in life is to climb mountains, then you living longer means you climbing more and more mountains. So if I met you climbing the 124th mountain, I should be able to tell how long you have lived, since that is what you do with your years.

Let us clarify the point with some figures. For instance, if you are to climb 5 mountains in 5 years, then if I meet you after 20 years, you should have climbed 20 mountains. Because, once again, how long we live is measured by how much we have fulfilled our purpose on earth. 

Now with the same scenario, let us say you spent 20 years and climbed 10 mountains. It means you wasted 10 years of your life. You probably spent too much time on the secondary things associated with that primary purpose or maybe you were just lazy. But something phenomenal happens if you live for 20 years and climb 30 mountains. It means “you have lived more than you have lived.” 

Do not get it misunderstood though, how well you use your potentials (the number of mountains you have climbed) per this analogy does not connote academic level, social status or any single life aspect in itself. It means your purpose in life. That is all it means and nothing less or more. 

To live longer means to fulfill your purpose to a greater extent. Long life is not merely the amount of years you spend on earth, but the amount of produce you make from living. It is unfair to live for 969 years and not leaving an impact, but there is a great point in living for 33 years and leaving a huge impact. That was what happened with Methuselah and Jesus. With 969 years, Methuselah did not “live long” enough to leave a great impact, but the 33 year old Jesus did.

Find your purpose on earth, if you haven’t and pursue it like everything else depends on it. Spend time on the relevant things that will get you there, and not the secondary stuff. 

Everything you do to entertain yourself including watching lots of football matches, series, movies, playing cards, are all in the secondary bracket. 

And everything more negative than that like smoking, fraud, alcoholism, and their friends are not even part of your life journey. They only negate your efforts and move you backwards. They’re toxic! Don’t even go close!

Committing and completing your primary purpose is the real meaning of living and losing out on that is the meaning of dying.

To conclude let us keep these two quotes in mind.

“Tomorrow is not only defined by daybreak and sunset, but by the tasks you have to accomplish. If you do tomorrow’s work today, you have lived into tomorrow and have extended your life by one day”

“Life is not lost by dying. Life is lost minute by minute, day by day, through the small careless ways.”

The essence of life is impact. The essence of a longer life is a GREATER IMPACT. You can achieve that regardless of how many years you are given on earth. 

LIVING LONGER is therefore not by chance. It’s a choice!


Author: Ebenezer Agbey Quist

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