Why your past needs changing!

The life you have already lived is one of the most important elements of your life right now. But did you know that that past of yours is actually not “behind” you as it may seem? Your past is not gone away, vanished into the air or something. 

It still remains a part of your life story. It may look like you cannot change anything in it, but it does not go away either. It is only FROZEN. I will explain.

We are constantly advised to put the past behind us and strive for greater heights regardless of where we are from and what we have been through. This is great advice. 

Nonetheless, you need to develop some respect for your past. You cannot completely put what you have done in the past in the past. In actual fact, it is what you have done in times past that determined who you are today and may determine some things in your tomorrow as well. 

Doubt it? Ask the ex-convict. No matter how well he “puts his past behind him,” he has an indelible mark on him and can never take on some jobs. Ask employers why they ask for the CV’s of prospective employees. Can’t they just accept people who promise to forgo everything in their past and work diligently? Never! They rather ask for the past experiences of the applicant.  

Even bigger, if you die, GOD will judge you by your past life on earth and not, say your promise to worship him for the rest of eternity. 

This is how crucial your past is. Everywhere you go, and in everything you do, it is your past that will be used to grant you access, judge your performance, and so on. Your past literally rules your life today! This is why it is important that whatever can be done to change the past is done. 


What would be the point in acknowledging all the above about your past when is already frozen and untouchable? Well, that is exactly the point; it is true the past you have right now is frozen but WATCH THIS: the past you had yesterday is not the same as the past you have today. The difference is what you did yesterday! In the same way, today’s past won’t be the same as tomorrow’s past; and the difference will be what you do today!

So for instance, if you think about next week, then this week is in the past. Similarly, this year is the past of next year. Since your past is so important and affects your life so significantly, you can actually improve upon those past results very substantially. And you can do that by making the best of the moment you have today. 

In order to change your past effectively you need to FEAR present moments. Be nervous and cautious about what you do in every present moment. Because the next thing that moment does is that it becomes your past. 

Think about it: the Bible did not talk about working out our salvation with FEAR and trembling for nothing. We need to live each moment with fear; NOT a nervous expectation towards the future’s uncertainties, but a constant self-reminder that it becomes an indelible part of our life story after each passing moment.

If you were a young artist and were asked to draw your future wife within 5 minutes with an indelible ink for her to be made for you, how swift and yet careful would you be? This is the feeling with which you must live each minute of your life. 

Your present moments will soon add up to your frozen past which will affect your future. 

That is why your yesterday may be UGLY today, affecting you in every NEGATIVE WAY; but it will be BEAUTIFUL tomorrow and affect you in every POSITIVE WAY, if you live today well. 

In other words, CHANGING YOUR PAST doesn’t mean you can physically alter that frozen part of your life story. It is frozen! 

But it means you can almost completely change how that same frozen part of your life story will look in the near future. And you can do that by living today with extreme caution, efficiency and urgency.

A classical example of this is your CV (a record of your past achievements). It may look scanty right now but you can do something today to change it! Everything you do today leaves a permanent mark on you because the clock is constantly ticking them away into your frozen past. 

So if there is something you must do, don’t wait for tomorrow. It is a different page in your life story. Don’t wait for the next hour. It is a different paragraph. Don’t wait for the next minute. It is a different line. 

Do now what you have to do and do it exceedingly well; for it is the quickest way to CHANGE YOUR PAST for the better.
Written by: Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Author of _Reformed or Deformed_)

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Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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