Life is like me taking a flight to Germany whilst my friend is flying to the United Kingdom. We all started the journey from Accra. And I groan in envy against him because he has arrived in his hotel and I have arrived in mine. 
Does it even make sense for me to do that?

Okay, but what if I could not start the journey at all because I felt lazy processing the numerous papers? If I heard that my friend landed in UK, wouldn’t it make some sense that I get jealous? Yep! This is what many of us do in life.

Every one of us is supposed to work at a different goal; we are supposed to drive to our DISTINCT DESTNATIONS in life. It is therefore uncanny, how we can get envious of other people just because they have reached a certain point in their journey. 

Sometimes it is not even jealousy, but REAL HATRED. Come on, that is completely out of place! Our goals and ambitions are poles apart. Our very talents and abilities are dissimilar too. What you must do is to find yours and start driving towards them zealously, regardless of where other people have reached in theirs. 

Life becomes amazing if everyone is driving to something. You never feel apathy towards someone because of their exploits. You only look at them with admiration as they encourage and motivate you; and they in turn look at you with the same feeling! 

In the earlier scenario, imagine me lodging comfortably in my hotel and having a chat with my friend in UK over the phone. We could talk about the different challenges that each of us encountered and how we both overcame them along the way. And it would all be fun. 

In fact, we would get to enjoy our conversation and have a genuinely clear conscience towards one another. On the other hand, if I remained home and never made any move towards reaching my destination, I would possibly start developing some disgust for that INNOCENT HARD WORKING friend of mine.

This is what happens to us when we sit on OUR POTENTIALS and REFUSE to put them to use. We are never supposed to envy one another. And we are never supposed to wish we were like other people. 

Our own inefficiency in developing the gifts God has given us is the root of the envy, jealousy and sometimes hatred towards others.

Resolve from today never to envy anyone. Rather find what you are good at and start building it with everything you have got.

And be extremely hard working, diligent and passionate in doing so. It will literally amaze you how and high and how quickly you would soar in life.

Never envy another person’s marriage. Don’t envy their job, house, car or wish you were in their shoes. We all have the ability to make the best of everything GOD has placed inside and around us.

If other peoples’ lives look nicer, don’t envy them. They worked on theirs. Work on yours too!

So be on guard from today; if you ever feel fury for anyone because of their achievements, then chances are you are not making significant progress with your own life as you were meant to. 

Gird up your loins. DEVELOP YOUR OWN POTENTIALS. The world is a fun place. Let’s not spoil the fun with unnecessary jealousy and apathy!  If we follow this and get rid of envy at the root stage, at the end of our life journeys, we should all be at the top together!

Written by Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Author of REFORMED OR DEFORMED). 

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Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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