What do you do when inevitable change happens? What do you do when someone you look up to dies all of a sudden? What do you do when your hopes are carried away with no promise of them returning? Life does give us some of those. What do you do?

Humans as we are, we like environments that we are conversant with. This becomes even worse when the conditions around us feel very comfortable. We, in consequence, find it a hard pill to swallow when the unexpected happens—when sudden change happens. 

It is said that change is the only thing that is constant in this world. The situations around us will surely change regardless of how we feel about it. It is about time we acknowledged that fact.  

Because life is a journey, there will be times when we will have to use overhead bridges, take bends, use unfamiliar junctions, interchanges and get on different road paths altogether. 

As difficult as these life situations may get, we must move on regardless. We must trust God regardless. We must restore our hopes and trust that better times will come. But then, surely, something has changed and will never be restored. You can move on, but you cannot bring the person or the dead situation back to life. Life will definitely not remain as it used to be. Things will not be the same normal they used to be. You will have to live in a New Normal.

At a point, all of us will have to deal with such changes. And the solution will not be to hold on to the Old Normal because, that will only rebirth pain and agony for us. We need to psyche up ourselves as quickly as we can to live in the New Normal. It is a new portion of the journey; it is a new road we have to travel. 

Sometimes, it is not necessarily a drastic external stimulus that requires of us to change and adapt to a New Normal. It could be a milder situation like having to leave your family to pursue education elsewhere or starting a marriage life anew. 

Another crucial instance is when you have to modify the behaviors you grew up with or adopted along the line. If you wish to live above poverty, escape a mediocre life, a scandalous life, a fraudulent behavior, or a pagan lifestyle in order to excel into a more fulfilling kind of life with God; you will need to deal with change. 

You will need to permanently forego some conducts you habitually indulge in. You will need to adopt a New Normal and completely put behind you, everything you loved and fantasized about in the Old Normal. You will possibly miss how you used to save financial situations through fraud or how you drunk all your problems away, etcetera. 

However, you will have to recognize that they are meant to go with the Old Normal. You need to consciously ignore them and put your mind to the things you need must be doing in your New Life until they feel Normal and equally enjoyable. That is your New Normal.

This piece has covered only a handful of the changes we have to go through at some points in life. They might not be yours; but take a quick introspection of yourself and you will find yours. You will most-probably find something that is supposed to be in your Old Normal that you are still holding on to.  If your life is not as you think it is supposed to be, it is because you are not living as you are supposed to. That means you have not built yourself with the appropriate daily commitments. Build that, commit to them, until they feel Normal to you. 

Change is constant. Situations around us will change and oblige us to change and our very aspirations will also require us to change. These are only signals that you have entered a New Phase of the journey of life. Change accordingly and build that New Normal.

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