Unless otherwise influenced, any typical university student undergoes these 5-staged Life Cycle, and graduates with the last “R” firmly grasped in their hands. 

Let us go through the individual parts of the acronym.


Before coming into the University, every one has a unique level of freedom in their homes and previous schools. Interestingly though, none of these is comparable to the kind of liberty that exists in the University. 

There are no restrictions to your sleeping habits, no pressure to study, no control over how you decide to spend your day.

Sometimes, the University decides to intervene with some regulations such as Marking Attendance during lectures to ensure maximum student participation. Sadly though, whoever wants to have their way, finds a way around those.

Even for people who fend for themselves, you would probably think they are used to Freedom and already know how to manage themselves beyond any possible influences. 

However, care must still be taken because University provides you with innumerable opportunities to indulge in ill activities you never got the chance to do back at home. You could be swayed before you know it. 

By the time you’ll begin to decide on how to manage your life, another attribute of University Life called “DIVERSITY (D)” welcomes you! 



At this point, you begin to understand what University Life entails. You see people doing every kind of thing to the extreme. Some are ardent worshippers, others are unfailing hard working students. You will see those whose lives primarily revolve around fashion, parties, boyfriends or girlfriends. The game addicts are around, and the “I don’t care” people are ubiquitous.

Unless you have a clearly defined purpose, the mixture of the FREEDOM and the DIVERSITY is a perfect recipe to distort your mind, though you may not realize it. Mostly, all you will notice is that you are not really doing any particular thing to perfection. This brings you to the next point: the state of “CONFUSION (C)”



Quickly, your years start rolling by in the University and you see how differently people live their lives in the University. Plus, you have the Freedom you have always longed for. But how exactly to live becomes an issue. 

Life starts getting real. You begin to feel bad for probably not focussing on the most pressing needs, but rather the fact that you had unlimited liberty when you were in year 1. 

You want to find a way to climb up higher academically, but your vims dies down with rumours that your grades won’t matter when you get out of school. 

You hear that it is some particular skills you acquire, networks and links you build that will matter on the job market. You start learning about CV’s and people’s experiences and success stories and you just don’t know which part of the fish to fry first.

At times, it feels like somehow, an uncommon divine favor has to engulf you and help you make it big in life. Meanwhile, the very issues of unemployment linger on your mind and you just can’t tell if it is God or hard work you need in order to succeed in the near future. 

If you want to focus on church, the church leaders tell you it’s not all about “church church church” and that academics is a big priority too. Your lecturers ask you to network, and networking seminars advice you to study. 

But somehow, the desire to take advantage of your FREEDOM and enjoy campus life and its events is still on your heart.

What do you do? And where do you start from? Is it even true that high grades do not count after school? Or must you rather start your own business? And how exactly will you even go about that? 

At this same time, you feel you are in love with someone. And these issues of the heart; they make up a different ballgame altogether. How do you combine all these? Hmm…a great state of CONFUSION. 

That’s where the problem is. When you are so confused about issues with such diverging thoughts, what to do becomes a headache. And the case is even worsened because time is flying quickly. Just how are you supposed to configure the whole discombobulation when time won’t also give you the slightest peace of mind.

Whatever you try to pay attention to makes you feel you are losing out on the other ones. You become INDECISIVE.



You don’t know what exactly to do or how exactly to do it. Thoughts in your mind tell you to just manage and graduate, then you see what life offers out there. But as you draw closer to the finishing line, life seems realer and realer. What skills have I gathered? What do I have on my CV? What if I don’t get a job? Are my grades good enough for FULL Scholarship abroad? Wait…Abroad? To continue schooling again? Hmm

Soon you are in your final year and here comes your project work. You have to get it right now, if never at all. You try to put your all in it. And as you do, there is this mixed feeling that is always glued to your skin. It is so unnoticeable and yet so strongly attached that you have it on you even in your dreams. 

It is nothing, but your mind’s uncertainty of what the future holds. And how unprepared you are for it.



You look back on your days in the University from first year which seems like last week. And quickly, you graduate and life meets you like it’s your judgement day. Almost like your prosecutor in a court, it demands of you to produce evidence of what you did with your life in school. 

As though that isn’t more than enough, it seems to be fully determined to squeeze you until you pay duly for every resource you had and ignored/misused whilst in school. You start wishing you were privileged to see the future from beginning. You regret taking wrong advice from friends, and now find solace in the saying, “experience is the best teacher”


  • But WHAT IF the story was different? What if something was done about this misfortune? 
  • WHAT IF there was a way to distort this University Life Cycle students go through and produce a new trend? 
  • HOW ABOUT an effective way to equip students with the most authentic information they need to excel in every aspect of University Life?
  • HOW ABOUT the students knowing exactly how to balance their lives financially, socially, academically, spiritually, mentally and more, so as to be able to graduate without REGRETS?


If we would all avail ourselves to be pruned by the counsels of “REFORMED OR DEFORMED?” This menace of a trend can and would become a thing of the past in no time.

What is REFORMED OR DEFORMED? It is a book that was written solely on University Life. Solely to provide the MOST USEFUL ANSWERS to the MOST PERTINENT ISSUES affecting students and to also serve as a GUIDE on how exactly to approach University Life in order to graduate without regrets.




The book begins with useful openers on how pre-university mindsets influence students’ lives in the university negatively. And it addresses them vividly. 

Fast forward, it moves on to deal with the gists, behaviours, mindsets, wrong pieces of advice, and the pressures that entangle many people from excelling in the most sensitive spheres of UNIVERSITY LIFE. 

These are adequately captured in the first 4 of the 10 chapters in the book. 

They are extremely important but only make for a small portion of the iceberg!!! After utterly dealing with these, the book proceeds to touch extensively on the practicable steps to follow in dealing with the most crucial life issues so as not to graduate with traces of regrets. 

Some of the pressing categories tackled include Academics, Finances, Love Life and how to follow on one’s Personal Goals. 

Then comes two more topics tackling everything one must do in order to secure a great future after university as well as the part GOD plays in the entire process of enrolling in the university. 

This consists of the hard-to-find tips on how approach internships, how to build a solid financial background for yourself as well as how you must set yourself up amongst the greatest networks to be rightly positioned for success tomorrow. 

And then it deals with strategies as to how exactly God enhances the whole process and how you need to relate with Him to enjoy His maximum input in your life.

That is not all! Before the Conclusion, there is the final pack of lessons and strategies not covered in the above list of contents. 

Examples include lessons on having the best of a Study Group, issues on Health, Security, Efficient use of resources, et cetera.

“REFORMED OR DEFORMED?” has been examined and approved by Teaching Assistants, SRC President, Lecturers, Best Students, Award-Winning Graduates and an Author.

It is fast spreading and has already reached more than 10 UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES in Ghana with requests from overseas. Will you join in the movement? Let’s make this real. Call us today: 0501360650 for more inquiries.


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