What is destiny? Is it real? Do we truly have destinies? The answer is absolutely! But the real question is, “What is your destiny?” And here is the real answer: Your destiny is what you were born to do; the need God meant for you to meet on this planet. That is your destiny. 
If you listen carefully, you will realize this concept has been thoroughly misunderstood by many. Your destiny is not what you will automatically become; your destiny is what you were meant to become. It means, the fact that you become something in your future does not conclude that that was what you were meant or destined by God to become.

There is the ideology and even an adage that “whatever is meant to be yours, no matter how far it goes, will surely return”. NO! Believe me friends, this is not true! Life does not work that way! 

If you were meant to fly a plane, and you decide never to work towards that, you are never going to fly the plane. And it does not mean whatever you resulted to was your destiny. Your destiny was still intact, just that you failed to realize it.

This misperception is rampant and even in relationships. People usually say after a break up, “if it is meant to be, it will be”. This is incorrect in its entirety. If not, it should have never been recorded that people married wrong spouses. Think about it. If the two people were not meant for each other, how come they ended up marrying themselves?

It happened to Sampson in the Bible. Delila was not his destined spouse, but he did not end up with the right person simply because she was the one God meant for him. God gave us free will and does not impose things on us. That’s why the person meant for you can pass right under your nose and you will never get them if you insist on making the wrong choices.

We need to understand that life does not happen to us. Life responds to us. You will reap what you sow. (Galatians 6:7) There is no way around this fact. 

At this stage, I can almost hear what many minds are asking: how do you know what or who is meant for you? How can you tell your destiny? Good question! The answer is incredibly simple. 

If someone made a device for you and you realize you do not know its use, the solution is to go back to the maker of that device or read the manual. 

God is our maker and His Word is our manual. I am not saying when you seek God’s face genuinely and read His word heartily, He will definitely give you a divine revelation of your real destiny. No, God has His own way of ordering your steps in his His will for you if you yield to Him.

See, you have to do your best to surrender your will to God’s. It’s true He has given you the freedom to choose, but He wants you to choose Him. If you are wholeheartedly zealous about following His paths and His will, He will freely influence your ways. 

But if you take everything into your own hands as though you are the author and the finisher of your own life then I’m sorry; you’ll keep Him from directing your path and you will end up becoming things you were not destined by Him to become. 

Remember the Bible said in Psalms 37:23, “The steps of a good man are directed by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way”. That’s just it!

He made you. He knows where He wants to get you. And He alone knows the best way you can get to your destiny. Do your best in life but put GOD first. If you truly want your life to go the way of your destiny, not just any destination, just allow Him to Lord over your life. It will shock you how He will do it.

This piece was authored by Ebenezer Agbey Quist. Find more at



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