Why was it the early bird that caught the worm? What is so special about being early? Well, one thing is sure. Being early was the right thing to do. Whenever you do the right thing, life has a way of paying you back. The worm was therefore the bird’s compensation for being early.

We know the right things about life. Even more especially in this technological age, we wake up to tons of them asking of us to exercise attributes such as punctuality, integrity, righteousness, determination, hard work, sanity, chastity, honesty, humility, and all their friends.

Life cherishes these virtues so much that it rewards whoever emulates them with some surprise bonuses. It offers them an added advantage. Don’t get it twisted though. The added advantage is not the “rightful” rewards you get from living out these right attributes. 

For instance, all things being equal, your productivity will increase when you work hard than when you don’t. That is not the added advantage but rather the reward of your hard work. The added advantage is an extra addition to the deserved rewards of your efforts. 

Let us consider the game of soccer. It has several types of “balls”; the “through ball,” “hand ball,” etcetera. Do you know it has been discovered that the “loose balls” that occur in a match are usually picked up by the most-hard working players? Why? They are always at the right place. And whenever the opponent makes any mistake, they are in the best position to take advantage of it. 

Yes their hard work reflects on how well they work the normal passes they receive. But somehow, out of the blue, the loose balls also end up in their hands (or feet if you may) and they get to work out extra goals.

If you decide to always be in class on time, you will get the rightful reward of having to hear first-hand, everything your class is taught. Ceteris paribus, you will understand the material better than someone who does not do that. But then also, if your tutor should decide on a quick before the class, you will be there to amass those marks too. That is the added advantage. Once you are early, you will get the worm in addition to your main hunt. It works in every endeavor of life. Life will offer you unforeseen benefits, if you commit to doing the right things.

Whenever you dream about your dream, all you will see is the rightful reward you will get if you work to achieve that dream. Even video games are made that way. You have a target to meet. However, surprisingly along your way, you will meet stars, rings, crowns, hearts, and winning bonuses! 

It is important to remember that some of these bonuses are actually essential to your progress in the game. What this means is that sometimes, when you imagine your dreams, you will not be able to clearly envision how you will be able to fund them or meet some requirements along the way. 

Nonetheless, you just have to start fighting ardently. Trust that help will come when you need it. Begin building the dream with the resources available. The winning bonuses are kept at strategic points; at points where you need them. They will come as the added advantage of you deciding to follow on your dreams.

The added advantage is always unforeseen, unplanned for, and unexpected. Call it luck. It flows in your direction if you do what you are supposed to do. 

Quite frankly, if you put everything you have ever done right in retrospection, you will see the added advantages you enjoyed. And frankly, if you will do everything you know to be right henceforth, not too long from now, you will see the added advantages. 

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