โ€‹One of the most stress-free places to buy anything is from hawkers. I was once in a “trotro” and wanted to get some “bofrot” from one of them.

All I needed to do was to stare in her direction until her eyes met mine. She walked up to me briskly and fulfilled my wish. 

Sometimes when you see people in a “trotro” very busy with their phones, do not be deceived at all. They are only faking busy to keep their eyes off the hawkers and avoid being mistaken for prospective customers.

Much like this, in life, whatever you fix your focus on gets attracted to you. This is called the “law of attraction” in some circles.

That is why when you want to get rid of something in your life, you must concentrate on the solution to it, rather than the problem itself. 

For instance, in wanting to get rid of poverty, you must not spend time thinking and worrying about the predicament, but rather focus on the procedures you must follow in order to escape from that state. 

What do dogs also do? However scared you are to see one, you must put on some courage and resilience, because they will rather chase after you if you attempt to flee than if you remain still. 

Similarly, there are times we face life’s challenges and are tempted to take an easier alternative to “escape”. Doing so only compounds the situation on us, as everything we attempt to run away from will catch up with us one day.

What we need to do is stand our grounds and face those issues squarely. A shining example is how people try to get easy ways around life’s challenges by indulging in bribery, sakawa, fraud, theft, et cetera. 

One way or another, these deeds chase after you until they get their bites of you (like the dog). 

So you see? Hawkers and Dogs provide the complete answer to tackling any life situation.

Do not “run away” from them by trying to find an illegitimate alternative; stand your grounds and face them. Yet, in facing them, don’t place your center of attention on the problem. Focus on the solution.

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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