Studying science for a while, you learn of many interesting phenomena. 

It is enough of a shock when you discover how mathematical expressions are used to explain natural occurrences. That alone is simply amazing! 

But least do you expect that principles learnt in science can apply to our lives as well. One of such is the concept of potential energy. 

Potential energy is defined as the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position. That means every object that is at any height possesses some energy (ability to do work), because of the height at which it sits. 

The most interesting part is that, there is no fixed point to measure the height from; it all depends on your discretion. 

This is what I mean: imagine a pen sitting on a book which is also on a table. Someone could say the true altitude of the pen is the height of the book. 

Another would say it is the height of the table in addition to the height of the book. A different person would opine that the room is also a little length above the ground and that, that height should be added as well. 

All of them are correct depending on where you decide to measure the height from. Do you know what that means? Every object has infinite potential energy. Why? 

Because there is no finite point to start measuring the height from. You could even start from the centre of the earth!  

How does this apply to life? Everyone, no-matter the stage (position) they are in life, has immense potentials. And remember these potentials are infinite depending on how people view themselves (where they measure their heights from). 

Secondly, all these potentials (potential energy) can be transformed into massive achievements by putting them to work (Since energy is the ability to do work). 

The good news here is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another. 

It means that no-one can take away your potentials from you and they will always be intact. 

The bad news, however, is that energy can be wasted completely if not put to any efficient use. 

That is to say that all your potentials can result in nothing if you don’t transform that energy by working hard. And the lesser you work, the less efficient use you make of your energy, and the more of it you waste.

Science says, as the potential energy is transformed into other forms (example: simple pendulum), it is reduced progressively. 

That brings forth a major difference now, because in real life, as you make more use of your potentials, they rather increase progressively! 

That is why you can acquire more skills, sharpen your talents and be more productive after putting your potential energy to work! 

Every arrow points at us to work hard and make efficient use of our potentials! Philosophy, Religion and many others have been saying it, and now Physics has added its voice!

Is it not time we listened?

Authored by: Ebenezer Agbey Quist

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