The most exciting and addictive games are not the easiest to play. They are the most adventurous, challenging, and mind blowing. 
The harder you fight before winning, the more excited you get. Somehow, we all understand that life gets more enjoyable with more challenges but fail to accept it. 

If you want a life free of trouble, imagine a Subway Surfers with no police chasing after you, no barriers to jump, no trains to crush you; just winning bonuses. Is that a game you would like to play? 

What if the new FIFA GAME is programmed so that every ball shot ends up in the pole, regardless of the direction it was played to? For me, I wouldn’t play. You wouldn’t be wrong to say it would be meaningless.

This goes without saying that life without problems would be meaningless, in the first place. Life becomes fulfilling and exciting when we learn to embrace challenges and overcome them joyously.

The next time life confronts you with a trouble, don’t try to swerve. Wear a wide grin and *play it like a game*. It is there to bring you joy and fulfillment.

The name is Ebenezer Agbey Quist 

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