Politics in Ghana is very interesting. Sometimes you wonder how so many of the politicians were able to grasp the skill so well. 

One party could come up with extremely captivating and utterly convincing criticisms, and preach them so vehemently that you are tempted to believe they have irreversibly won everyone’s heart.

Just wait till the other party speaks to the issue. You will be amazed how they can demystify all the arguments levelled against them almost effortlessly.

It’s insane, therefore, for a human being to hold some arguments in his heart and think they are reasons valid enough to be angry at God. 

Some people want to ask God why they were born in such a poor family, or why their father died when they were still young, or something. 

And they use these as excuses to withdraw from serving God well, or even refusing to live out their true potentials.

And funny enough, they somehow believe the Almighty, who is “infinite in wisdom” doesn’t have any justifiable explanation for them. 

Listen people, let’s not be silly. Let’s not fool ourselves. All the anger that linger in our hearts are nothing but tricks from the devil to keep us from serving God wholeheartedly and gaining salvation thereof.

All of us can find questions to ask God why our lives have been how it has been, but let’s not forget God planned for everyone and has made solutions to all our problems before we were even born. 

When Christ said “it is finished” on the cross, he meant “it was finished”. He completed all the work God can do for you, and he did so abundantly. 

If your life isn’t taking the desired course then you are to blame, not God. 

So gird up your loins, serve God with all you are, and live out your full potentials. Never blame God. He has finished his part.

The name is Ebenezer Agbey Quist and he has a lot more coming up.

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