Human beings are the most brilliant of all creatures. We know this, not just from theory. 

It’s obvious from the kind of houses we live in and the technologies we have come up with. Clearly, no living being on earth can compare.

But have you realized all living things (including us) started off the same way? We all began life on earth, with no phones, no houses-nothing at all. All that was around us were trees, bushes, and other animals. 

What’s the difference then? Gradually, from generation to generation, humans started thinking, started being innovative, improving bit by bit on their daily livelihoods. 

Now, with the equipment we have developed, we can fly higher than the eagle, move faster than the cheeter, delve deeper than the snailfish and dig deeper than the “devil worm”.

It is simply because the animals have not in any means been able to innovate and improve upon anything they’ve had. 

This ability is what sets humans and animals apart.

That is why it must reflect in all facets of our individual lives as well. We aren’t being human, if our lives lack significant improvements over time.

What difference is there between you and the lower animals if your skills, gifts and talents have not been used for anything significant or seen any improvements in the years gone? 

What makes you human if your character, ideologies and christian life haven’t been substantively modified over the last few years?

Each day, bit by bit, we need to improve upon our lives and get better and better. Because, it is not the occasional big things we do that will cause the change, but the consistent small ones. 

The animals can continue to live the same way they were born to be; but the human being must innovate, learn, pray and do everything humanly possible grow to maturity, in every area of life and  impact other lives in consequence.


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Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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