We were in church as normal when we all bowed our heads not just in prayer, but also in heed to the pastor’s instruction. 

I was fast growing up into adolescence and you know that awkward feeling when you are the oldest in the whole congregation. 

It was a Sunday School prayer meeting for children and I was partly regretful I did not join the main church instead. 

As we were praying, the prayer I thought was going to be “a word of prayer”, ended as “a page of prayer” or so. The “bowing our heads” also resulted in a “standing up” accordingly. 

Thoughts started flipping pages in my mind. Should I join the adult church? Why am I with these kids? 

I was still thinking through the options when all of a sudden, I spotted a small head moving to glance in my face from below. 

It was the son of one deaconess in the church. I did not realize what his head was doing there until it left the same way it came. “Oh, he wanted to see if I closed my eyes”. 

I waited for a moment and checked to be sure my guess was right. To my surprise, this boy had made an exact statue of the posture I took with his eyes open and mouth closed. 

He was so young; he had just completed his syllabus on toddling. 

What explanation would convince this little mind it was wrong? And that we were supposed to close eyes and open mouths rather? 

In the end, I only left it to the future, hoping that someday, someone will do the right thing for him to emulate.

You may never know who is ardently looking up to you and what immoral lessons you are teaching them with your faulty character. Be vigilant enough to always set a good example.


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Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

Ebenezer Agbey Quist (Eqay)

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