The world is like a company. For the holistic development of the entire entity, every one needs to perform their duties extremely well.

Often, we find ourselves thinking that well, not all of us should be noted for something spectacular. That is very wrong. Everyone has a unique and outstanding role they must play.

Perhaps, the reason corruption is on the high, or dumsor is still in Ghana, or the cure for HIV not yet found, or homosexuality is being hailed is because some specific people failed to accomplish their mission in life.

Owing to this, your heart should not be at peace when you see people wasting their lives at the roadside as drunkards, etc. It affects all of us. We must therefore help as many people as we can to fulfill their dreams.

I have heard someone say, “I want to be a singer, but what would be so special when there are many singers out there?”

Remember that no two people are exactly like each other. Everyone has something uniquely different to offer. And the world needs exactly that to fill a void somewhere. When you make use of every potential you have, you will surely stand out.

Imagine if Usain Bolts, Lionel Messy, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs all held back, were lazy, and unproductive. If just four people could affect the world so much, think of how our planet would be, if we all gave our best.

Discover everything you are good at, and give it your all. Invest your resources into it and build a solid achievement. It is not just about what you are going to gain from it. It is what you rob us all of, if you don’t. 

The part you are to play, becomes vacant, and we would need several people to take on those roles in addition to theirs before the impact is felt, because it is you who has the exact combination of talents and skills to do it.

Mother Earth needs your involvement, my good friend and we are waiting and counting on you. Do not fail us.


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