Comfort is not a very good thing as society portrays it. It’s good we all desire to be comfortable, but we must be watchful whenever we seem to be. With the least negligence, comfort quickly evolves into very ill characters like laziness, disrespect, unproductiveness and more! 

Great relationships begin to experience problems when the parties start to feel very comfortable with each other. The moment when he feels she will understand, even if he doesn’t give her a call or a gift on her birthday (for instance). That’s the brink where comfort starts to decay into stenchy attitudes. You need to keep a close attention to your behavior right when the conditions around you start feeling comfortable.

That isn’t all; most people are indifferent about their spiritual lives for this same reason. They don’t see the pressing need for it. If they were looking for a job, or a child, or were having spiritual attacks at night, they would pray. But when their prayers are answered and they move into the comfort zone, that is the end! 

Even in college, it is common for averages to drop right after they have been given a big boost. Their owners feel comfortable with the boost, and from that contentment, are tempted to “relax small”. Comfort.

Kofi Amoabeng, the CEO of UT Bank stated a similar observation at TekTalk in KNUST one evening. He said he had grown to understand why Africa is always behind. It is simply because of the numerous resources, the fertile lands and the favorable climate conditions. We are comfortable enough and never get compelled to use our brains to invent or develop anything remarkable.

Feeling comfortable is that destructive and should be strongly criticized in the society. Let’s train ourselves and the generations after us to see the need to keep working hard even when there looks to be none; and not hold back because we are comfortable.

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